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21D FAQs
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Do you have any children?
2 Daughters, Morgan and Taylor
Do you have any desire to move into another class?
Yes, a midget or a 410 sprint but finances wont allow that at this time.
Do you have any nephews or nieces?
I have 7 nephews and 1 niece. Paul, Josh, Seth, Sean, Rhett, Zac, Erik and Danielle.
Do you have any siblings?
Two older sisters Tammy and Amy.
Favorite musical group/artist?
Biohazard, Metalica, CKY (Deron Miller , lead singer is a good friend. We used to be in a band in high school called This End Up).
Most embarassing moment?
I cant say Ive had any yet.
Most memorable moment?
Winning my first feature event at Lindas Speedway August 9, 2002.
Tattoos, piercings?
Tattoo of Biohazard logo on leg. Used to have my brow pierced but with the helmet, I decided to take it out.
What got you started?
I was going to end up dead riding my motorcycle, since I just couldnt slow down on it, so I decided to sell it and buy a micro-sprint. The class is 250/270cc.
Whats a car that you havent driven but youd love to?
A 410 Sprint
Whats your favorite food?
Cheese Steak with ketchup, mayonnaise, pepperoni, and mustard
Whats your favorite street car?
Whats your favorite tv show(s)?
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Files
When did you start racing?
At the age of 20. I started helping my buddy Scott out in the pits with his car. Ive been around racing all my life. My Dad raced at Grandview Speedway from 1969 to 1981. I started going when I was two so, its just in my blood, I guess. I started racing my own car in 1997.
Who are your favorite drivers?
Mark Kinser in his out-law sprint.
Why 21D?
I liked the number 21 and I use my first initial.